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Large combination pack of gold masks

Large combination pack of gold masks

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10 gold masks for the doctor

10 gold masks for the patient

Mode of action
When mercury vapors hit the surface of the mask, they are permanently bound by the gold and prevent the mercury from evaporating over time.

The mask must not be stored in rooms where mercury or amalgam is used. The result would be premature coating of the active surface with mercury.

Wearing time
The protection can be worn for up to four mercury treatments.
Putting on the mask:
The mask is worn over the mouth and nose. The gold layer of the mask faces outwards; the white fleece layer lies on the skin.

During permanent amalgam treatment, the filter retains up to 99% of mercury vapors for approximately 2 hours. This corresponds to protection from PROPHY-DENT® for a complete working day. It is recommended not to wear the mask for longer than 8 hours and to change the mask daily for hygiene reasons.

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