Mercury vapor

.. we were interested in the “other side” in connection with the amalgam discussion. “What actually happens during the processing and processing of amalgam fillings”? How high is the mercury contamination when drilling, milling and grinding amalgam fillings at a distance of 5cm to 100cm from the patient's mouth. This is where the dentist and his assistant as well as the patient breathe during the treatment of amalgam fillings! Our measurements showed peak values ​​of up to 1400 µg/m3 mercury in the air we breathe! For comparison: the MAK value (maximum workplace concentration) is 100 µg/m3. After this treatment has ended, this cloud of mercury spreads throughout the room and leads to comparatively lower levels of approx. 2-5 µg/m3 (other sources speak of 6-15 2-5 µg/m3). While the patient is only burdened during his own treatment, the dentist and his assistant are burdened every time an amalgam filling is processed. Our face mask was developed precisely to combat these short-term mercury concentration peaks. This is a surgical mask which has been coated on the surface with pure silver and then with pure gold. The active principle is based on the extreme affinity of mercury for gold. Mercury suddenly combines with gold to form gold amalgam. The surface made of pure gold makes it possible to absorb mercury concentration peaks of up to 99% for a period of approx. 2 hours, as shown. Two hours means 2 hours of constant stress. In practice, such a mouth guard can last up to a week, depending on the number and duration of amalgam treatments (in this case, however, you should wear a normal mouth guard under our PROPHY-DENT). To ensure that there is no contamination with foreign germs, we have placed a layer of pure silver under the gold layer, which has a bactericidal effect. This means those affected can protect themselves sustainably from mercury vapors. By the way, you should especially wear this face mask when opening sterilizers (mercury evaporates from the amalgam compound at temperatures above 60°C).